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Doctors React to Controversial Cosmo Cover
2021/02/08 Today I interview Dr. Arghavan Salles, MD, PhD., and board-certified bariatric surgeon about the recently released covers of Cosmopolitan magazine, depicting women of all shapes and sizes and boldly claiming “this is healthy.” Dr. Salles and I dove into the nuances of the Healthy At Every Size (HAES) movement, fatphobia, and reality of obesity. There are some difficult subjects in here, like struggles with insurance and diets/dieting, so please let me know your thoughts down below!


What Happens Next? – Should We Change How We Think About Fat?
2022/03/28 Last week on Monash University’s What Happens Next? podcast, the show’s guest experts served up some unappetising truths about weight loss. Ultimately, our body types are not necessarily dictated by the foods we eat or the amount of exercise we do.


HILT Grants: Scaling the STRIPED e-learning module
2019/04/11 Building on the work of their 2016 Spark Grant, Dr. S. Bryn Austin (HMS-CH) and team extended a prototype for transforming traditional teaching cases into e-learning modules by developing a new e-module designed for continuing professional education online platforms with a 2017 Advance Grant from the Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching.