PAMPsとDAMPsとの違い 病原体由来か、内在性(壊死した細胞)由来か


PAMPsは、Pathogen-associated molecular patternsの略で、DAMPsはDanger-associated molecular patternsもしくはDamage-associated molecular patternsの略です。

The involvement of damage (danger)-associated molecular patterns (DAMPs/alarmins) in the pathogenesis of these diseases has been recognized. (

There is increasing evidence of a close link between inflammation and cancer, and at the core of inflammation there are both pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs) and danger (or damage)-associated molecular patterns (DAMPs). (


“Damage-Associated Molecular Patterns (DAMPs)”は、580件、

“Danger-Associated Molecular Patterns (DAMPs)”は、179件ヒットしたので、damageの方が優勢のようです。


By analogy with microbial “pathogen-associated molecular patterns” (PAMPs), we postulate that host-derived, oxidation-specific epitopes can be considered to represent “danger (or damage)-associated molecular patterns” (DAMPs). (

Damage (or danger)-associated molecular patterns (DAMPs) are endogenous molecules released after cellular damage or stress such as myocardial IRI. (

DAMPs are a large number of related intracellular proteins or nucleic acids released by necrotic cells at the site of necrosis. (



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